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Benchmarks consist in the past top entries in js1k contest. For each one, the table shows the uncompressed byte size, along with the results obtained by JSCrush and the successive versions of RegPack.

Code sampleUncompressedJSCrushRegPack
(2010) Christmas Tree1024986965965965965965
(2012) A rose is a rose1024965945945943936936
(2012) Autumn Evening2009102110021002957955955
(2012) Mine[love]craft147910191000998994994994
(2013) 3D City tour1176102110001000100010001000
(2013) Color Factors14111019101010061006982982
(2013) Comanche20111017989984983976976
(2013) Furbee14931019995994992992985
(2013) Pointillism12891024100110011000996996
(2013) Space Time Fracture1471102410021002995976972
(2013) Strange Crystals II1389103910171017101210031003
(2013) Synth Sphere11481018998998998995995
(2013) Winter Wrap up1308102510041004100410041004
(2014) Flappy Dragon Classic1184986999999994(1)994(1)994(1)
(2014) Highway at Night2046105510421042103510131013
(2014) Minecraft1388105710251024102410231023
(2015) Defender1472104110251025101810181018
(2015) Mysterious Monorail1280104710271027102710271027
(2015) Impossible Road144310491026102610199971002(3)
(2016) Romanesco 2.01614110510851085102310231023
(2016) Voxeling1520106410421040103710171017
(2016) Firewatch1999106810391033103310291029

(1) Preprocess+Crush get the size down to 984 in RegPack v3-v4, 980 in RegPack v5.

(2) With "variable renaming" option disabled, because of issue #27 (fixed in v4.0)

(3) An evolution of the CanvasRenderingContext2D API causes the former hash function to no longer work.

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